Friday, 24 August 2018



Tornado is a UCI chess engine without own graphical user interface.
Its only run in console mode, thats need to play a chess GUI like Arena, Fritz, Shredder or other GUI who using the UCI protocol to send and get commands from the engines.

This software is freeware, there is no warranty of any kind.
You can give a copy for your friends without any changes on the files. 
Any changes or for comercial sell needs a permission from me.


  • Magic bitboard based.
  • UCI-protocol.
  • Draw by 3 fold repetition, 50 moves rule, insufficient material , theoritical absolute draw positions.
  • Hash tables for search , pawns and eval.
  • Setup positions in FEN format
  • Time management for x time in y moves , x time for hole game and with incremental clock
  • Searching with Iteration depth, aspitration window, root search , PVS search, quiesce search
  • Dynamic Null move pruning , and verification search 
  • Internal iterative deepening
  • Extensions with checking move , single reply, singular extensions.
  • Razoring, history moves pruning, futulity pruning, Late move reductions.
  • Move ordering with hash, killer, history, captures with SEE and MVV/LVA
  • Minimax quiesce search with futility pruning
  • Permanent brain
  • Chess960 / known also as fisherrandom chess
  • Multithreading search with up to 64 cores.
  • Playing with limited strength from level 1-20 
  • Multi pv mode
  • Using nalimov tablebases in endgames
  • Own book, make and add own book from PGN games
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit compiled versions

Arena Chess GUI


The Tornado Chess Engine can be download here: